New game

hey guys. I got new play station 4 game fifa 16. I’m really happy because of it. My last fifa was fifa 13 but i forgot my origin code so i didn’t play it for a long time. Anyway i didn’t try my new game yet because i didn’t bought play station 4 but i will get it for christmas. People usually ask which one is the better game: fifa or pes (pro evolution soccer). I think that fifa is much better. I mean fifa has better grafics and gameplay. The only thing that pes has but fifa hasn’t is champions league. And what about you guys. Whats your favorite game? Text me on


Day 1

In my last blog i didn’t said what will i write about. Whell i will write about sport, school and others teenage stuff. Anyway i’m 13 years old. I am really big fan of basketball and football Partizan club. My grandfather was Partizan handball player and i am really proud of it. We are really bad at basketball this season. We are like 10th in our league but we used tu be first. Anyway text me to my email

First Blog

Hi guys. I am from Serbia. It’s small country in Europe. My english is not perfect so that’s the reason why i made this blog. There are lot’s fameouse people from here ( Nikola Tesla, Novak Djokovic, Milos Teodosic…). My email is so you can text me!